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Spring is here!


Despite what the markets are doing, there is nothing quite like the feeling of spring in the South Island. Winter is moving on and we are all looking forward to warmer days ahead. At least 40% of all mortgages will be rolling over within the year – if you are unsure of your options, it’s time to talk with us.

Spring often brings some great offers from our major lenders. Every business wants to retain their customers, but all lenders also look to grow their portfolio. The options can end up seeming overwhelming – but not to us!

I’ve seen so many spring cycles come and go that I am no longer surprised by anything lenders will do at this time. It’s a great opportunity to correctly structure your mortgage for the next year or three.

If you want to stay with your current lender, we can help you know what you can get. If you want to change anything, we can show you the many available options on the market right now – to ensure you know everything on offer.

The governor of the Reserve Bank has indicated that rate relief won’t happen until approximately 2025 – which is great for OCR stability – but also means you’ll need to know how that will affect your mortgage and how to make a good plan for the coming few years.

Give us a call today and have a chat with my amazing team.



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