Creating Wealth Through Property Investment

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We recently co-hosted a Creating Wealth Through Property Investment seminar in partnership with Opes Partners.

Both Tony Mounce and Andrew Nicol (from Opes Partners) mentioned several resources throughout their presentations. This page summarises all the resources mentioned.

Resources From Tony’s Presentation
  • Daily Swap Rates Chart – The swap rates show the difference between fixed and floating interest rates. Tony described the swap rates as “gloriously low” in his presentation.
  • Home Loan Interest Rates – Daily update of the rates on offer from New Zealand lenders.
  • Economists Predictions on Interest Rates – Interest rates are at an all-time low, and economists are predicting what might happen as interest rates continue to fall. In his presentation, Tony quotes ANZ strategist Sandeep Parekh, who wrote: “odds are rising that some kind of significant economic hit will occur before the OCR is back to anything approaching historical norms.”
  • Case Study – How to use the power of leveraging with new builds
Resources From Andrew’s Presentation
  • The Opes Property Academy Video Course and Seminar – This is a free video course that covers most of Andrew’s presentation. The course includes 60 minutes of video content, split into 15 lessons. It also contains five property investment mini-tests, three investment calculators, and two quizzes.
  • The Epic Guide to Property Investment in NZ – This 16,000-word article covers a significant portion of Andrew’s presentation, but goes into much more depth about the ‘how’ of property investment. This article is the perfect guide for investors who are just getting their feet wet.
  • The Opes Property Coaching Programme – When people work with Opes, they work through a free three-step property coaching programme. The programme starts by understanding the investor’s motivations and ambitions. Your property investment consultant will then create a property strategy with you before sourcing the right properties that fit within your property investment strategy.

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