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Nelson – How can I help?

The past week has certainly not been the ‘Sunny Nelson’ we are all accustomed to and not only has the weather tested our wet weather gear, but sadly for some, also our homes.

I went walking around my neighbourhood over the weekend and was so impressed by the community spirit present and the willingness of people to muck-in and help their neighbours with shovelling mud, digging drains or provide an ear for someone to talk to. I wanted to reach out, make contact and check first of all that you & your homes are ok.

As I have said to many of you, when we work through your loan application, it is not a one-time transaction to me. It is an on-going relationship where you can be assured of on-going financial support.

During this time, I would encourage any of you to reach out if you have been impacted or affected by this weather event in Nelson. There are certain measures that banks are putting in place to offer support to those affected. Please contact me for more information so I can be of assistance.

It is also a great time to review your home & contents insurance policies and make sure that these are up to date, in place and offer the correct level of cover required. I do not provide advice in this area, however can recommend an insurance broker or otherwise suggest that you make contact with your existing insurer to work through a review. It is amazing how many times I see clients who either do not have current or adequate cover in place. Please don’t be a statistic!

Market wise, there has been a lot of change in the finance sector. Now more than ever before it is important to be Mortgage Ready – please talk to me early if you are thinking about your next property or you wish to look at refinancing options.


Thanks again for all your support,
and wishing you all the best!

Kia kaha,

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