Customer Praise for Chrissy Richardson

We love hearing from our customers about their positive experience with our team members, read below some lovely words about one of our fabulous BDM’s Chrissy:

I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that ever since I came over to Tony Mounce Mortgages that Chrissy has been fantastic in supporting me with trying to untangle and streamline my mortgages. 

Chrissy was able to very quickly and clearly explain to me at the outset how banks calculate affordability and therefore I was able to then accept decisions they had made regarding lending previously. 

Chrissy has always responded professionally to my incessant need for clarification and answers and going back and forth to try and get to the bottom of things, going to and from the Bank to get the answers. 

She is always efficient and supportive of my situation, understanding the demands I have on my life while gently persuading in a good way for me to get things done in a timely manner to move forward – this week has been that with regards to completing forms for approaching other backs for lending. 

If it feels too much for me, Chrissy has a way of making it doable and therefore achievable in a short time frame.

Chrissy’s support in the last 2.5+ years has been invaluable to me as a client and and I am both grateful and fortunate to have met her and have her ongoing professional and personal support with my mortgages, one of the reasons I recommend her to others.

I have no doubt you are already aware of how invaluable Chrissy is, I just wanted to reinforce this to you.

– Anonymous customer

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