CPIA Article – Feb 2017

It’s a pleasure to again be involved with the Canterbury Property Investors’ Association, this time as the major sponsor. Many of you will have seen my previous articles and it’s great to be given this opportunity again. I set up Tony Mounce Mortgages & Insurance in 2009 out of a desire to continue helping people set financial goals and build protection against unforeseen circumstances after 34 years in personal and business banking with BNZ.  We now have a highly skilled team of 21 advisers and support staff with vast experience in banking, housing, investment, commercial and farming.

The Tony Mounce team, in addition to guiding first home buyers and general home buyers, specialise in advising property investors and assisting with future proofing for risk via provision of sensible, affordable insurance products. To elaborate on that point, our business is approximately 50% investor and we provide our service to clients throughout New Zealand and internationally. Many of our clients recognise that in order to prepare their lifetime financial security, one of the longer term methods is property investment, to achieve steady creation of wealth.

Tony Mounce Mortgages & Insurance is one of the largest broker firms in the South Island. Accordingly, we have access to a wide range of products in order to offer our clients the best finance and insurance solutions. We are proud of the fact that we have arrangements with every major retail bank and commercial lender in the country. Our business is built around values that guide and educate our clients in finance techniques and investment strategies. In short, we pride ourselves as being trusted advisers owing to the collective experience of our team members.

The past 5 years have thrown up many hurdles following the earthquakes and then in the past 9 months, changes to the LVR arrangements have further clouded the mix, especially as the new rules are still moving goalposts. Our business specialises in problem solving in this environment and our relationships with banks allow us to develop strategies and solutions.

I am constantly reminded of the quality of people in our organisation as I hear the bubbling enthusiasm when our team are able to find a way through obstacles. One of our advisers just this week commented that, in her approach to clients, she remembers having been a property manager and investor, how much she didn’t know when she was breaking into property investment. Her solution is through patience and careful explanation of the options available to the investor for their specific circumstances, as well as the outcomes of our current regulatory and economic climate. That’s the Tony Mounce Way.

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