Are you Mortgage Ready?

The market is shifting in a positive direction for first home buyers. For the last couple of years the property market has seen prices rise dramatically which has been discouraging for first home buyers who are having to save larger deposits month on month.


We have two pieces of great news for you if you are a first home buyer.

The first is the market is now slowing and there are a large amount of great property listings. We are seeing a change from a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market. What this means for first home buyers is you will find it much easier to negotiate a good price for a property.

What’s the other piece of good news you ask? Several banks are now offering low equity loans. For existing clients some banks are offering as much as 90% funding, meaning you only have to have a 10% deposit.

If you combine this news with the updates announced in “Budget 2022”, first home buyers are in a better position than they have been for years. As house price and income caps for First Home Grants have increased and other caps have gone completely.

So sit down with us and we’ll go through your options to see if this news means that we can get into your first home. Let’s get you Mortgage Ready!

Parents of aspiring homeowners – listen up!

You know that your child would benefit from owning a home but they’ve been discouraged for a while, feeling like this is out of reach for them. Now they are super ecstatic because it finally seems like the changes and the new caps will help them out.

Bring them in and we can work together to continue your families’ property investing journey by getting them Mortgage Ready for their first home!

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